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Bradfield Organics® April Garden Tips, 2007

April is one of the busiest yard and garden months of the year. If you live in a northern clime, you still have a little time to plant trees and shrubs. Down South, Bermuda lawns are coming to life and the soil has warmed sufficiently to start planting some vegetables and annuals. Summer flowering bulbs should be going into the ground now, and it’s the perfect time to divide perennials.

Reawakening lawns can benefit from an application of Bradfield Organics Luscious Lawn 9-0-0 corn gluten meal and Bradfield Organics Lawn & Garden 3-1-5 if you have not already fertilized in anticipation of spring growth. Mowing to remove old dead growth will aid in the renewal process. Application of Bradfield Organics Pasture & Farm 4-1-4 to grazing meadows and hay fields will replenish nutrients removed by grazing animals and harvesting and improve this season’s growth potential. An added bonus is that animals need not be held off the fields when Bradfield Organics is used!

In warmer climes, now is a good time to add some good compost and Bradfield fertilizer to your garden plots and annuals beds. Bradfield Organics Lawn & Garden 3-1-5, Tomato 3-3-3 and Veggie 2-3-6 are all good choices. If you planted a cover crop last fall, now is the time to turn it under and let the microbes go to work on it. Mix soil, fertilizer, compost and/or cover crop well and leave them for about a week. This will get the soil past the heating-up period that occurs when good compost, organic fertilizer and soil microbes are combined. Young seedlings can be sensitive to this heat and may be set back a bit if planted the same day the soil is prepared. Wait a week to plant, and you will be setting those seedlings into a bed full of readily available nutrients. Just watch those plants take off!

This is also a great time to fertilize perennials and any plants that you are moving outdoors after the long winter. If you have not pruned your roses yet, do so now and fertilize and compost them. Many types of shrubs benefit from pruning now – be sure to check on the types of shrubs you have for proper pruning times and procedures.

House plants also need a little TLC this month. Now is a good time to repot them into larger pots (if root-bound) with fresh soil and some Bradfield fertilizer. Mix in a little good-quality compost to add organic matter if needed. If sterile soil is used, adding a little outdoor soil from a healthy bed will introduce much-needed microbes.

The amount of effort you put into preparation now will make a world of difference in your lawn and garden maintenance needs later this summer, when the weather may take a turn for the dry and hot. Remember, healthy plants with their roots deep into moist, microbe- and nutrient-rich soil will resist drought, diseases and insects. Addition of organic matter via Bradfield fertilizers and compost will enhance the moisture retention capability of the soil, help to loosen heavy clay soils, enhance the microbe population and improve the nutrient composition available to plants. Some healthful applications of Bradfield Organic fertilizers and a little compost now will prepare your plants for the challenges of summer and give you a green lawn, glorious blooms and healthful fruit and vegetables to enjoy all season!



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