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January, 2006

Organic Gardening Tips

By Frank Finger

Frank Finger is an organic gardener with over thirty years experience in growing vegetables, flowers, trees, turf, soybeans, corn, alfalfa, etc. He is a Master Gardener, Master Composter, and most of his tips are from personal experience.

January is a cold month almost everywhere in the US except in the far southern regions. Planning is the order of the month and should be done with good thought and research. In the far southern regions its time to get soil testing done and soil preparation started. Its time to apply organic amendments such as rock dust and compost. In the north if the soil is not frozen take a sample of soil to your county agent to have tested. When you get the results back call us at Bradfield Organics® for an organic recommendation. We will need to know what you are planting to give you the best advice.

You can apply Bradfield Organics® Luscious Lawn & Garden™ 3-1-5 to your houseplants this month and every month hereafter. Using a product such as Nitron Indoor Magic in conjunction with Bradfield Organics® will give you wonderful results.

It would be a good time to contact your county agent for a zone chart so you will know what zone you are in and what plants or seeds to plant when and where. Also your extension office will have a lot of good information on which plants to get for your zone and area. There is a wealth of information on the web and seed catalogs. Just think Organic!

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